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Self Mastery in Beautiful BC

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200HR YTT &  Self Mastery Program

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UPCOMING 200 HOUR registered COURSES: 
        Aug.15-30, 2020 (16 day Full-time Immersion).


Tribal & Yoga BC 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training & Self Mastery will transform your practice, deepen your understanding of yoga and possibly transform your whole life. At the heart Tribal's teaching philosophy is the belief that yoga science and teaching ancient wisdom is about empowering students and encouraging their exploration within a safe, supportive and inspired environment. 

This is the only Self Mastery training that certifies you to be a REGISTERED YOGA TEACHER. In this training, you'll gain the academics and knowledge required to teach upon graduation, plus an incredibly supportive environment to facilitate your own real life transformation on your journey beyond being a teacher. Finding your inner Guru of Self Mastery within you. Waking up to your potential in life.

For those in need, We offer a mentorship program which makes your transition into a Yoga Teacher much easier. Our Registered Training program is one of the most reasonably priced 200-HR Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings in BC. We offer interest free payment plans to assist those with need.

Yoga Teacher Training & Self Mastery with Tribal is life changing. We invite you to study with the most supportive and inspiring community of professional teachers and students committed to your personal growth and teaching excellence. This program is for you whether you want to teach or simply study what you love and facilitate growth in your practice in connection with your higher calling.

Learn to become a master of your own destiny. Manifest your hearts desires.  Tribal facilitates real life transformation

The Tribal Experience

Our programs are a dynamic fusion of traditional lineage based yogic wisdom with modern science. Bridging the gap between the quantum and ancient alchemy, without watering down the truth , Tribal is renown for creative harmonizing posture sequencing, Ancient  subtle energy flow & taking back your inner freedom, deep spiritual searching, Sacred quantum connection,  with training in Self realization and life changing Yoga Teacher Training curriculum. No experience necessary. Our clients come in all ages and bodies.

We facilitate Full-on, no-nonsense, experiential immersion.

This is the substance of the Inner revolution.  

higher vibration of practice and life.

Those that are waking up, look no further.

It's time for change. Its time to wake up to a new way of living. Our programs are more than typical western yoga training. We facilitate real life transformation. Living The Great Way comes from a higher resonation of being.


 We are the  Reso  Nation  .org

Join the Tribal Awakening

 Shanti Shaandar

Registered RYT, BSCN, BA
Shanti Shaandar, 

Tribal was created to enable the common person to discover the guru within there own life. We also make the life changing practice of teaching yoga accessible to everyone. Many years ago we recognized the need for a multi style approach to yoga  & Self Mastery that was welcoming to students of all ages, skills, and abilities. And so, we began.

We took our Teacher Training Program and fuzed our ancient studies with functional practice of Sacred Self mastery. Our program utilizes the wisdom of the ages in a format that is exciting, fun and truly transformational. We have a passion for creating a welcoming supportive environment and Our Yoga Self Mastery Teacher Training has grown so much. Since we began Tribal has grown to become an Internationally Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance International. We can’t wait to share our life changing journey with you. It has been our dream to enable our students to become not only strong yoga teachers, but masters in their own life, that are able to impact the world in the largest way possible, Starting with themselves   You are Our commitment to your success !  


Namaste.   Shanti


All of us together makes

up Tribal

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Supportive and encouraging, community where we can renew our body and nourish  our passion\..

River JainaDas

YACEP, E-RYT, Spiritual Guru,

with over 20 years experience. 


A spiritual Master with over 20 years teaching experience. River was first introduced to the ancient arts through buddhist studies, meditation and Qi Gong in his youth. River is thankful in having the opportunity to have trained with an enlightened master in ancient traditional buddhism, meditation & Qi Gong. River also trained in subtle energy, becoming a Master energy healer through the Usui lineage. River grew up in family practice of Native Spiritual healing. River was introduced to Yogic science on his journey further into Self inquiry and healing. Soon after his love for Yoga guided him to his first Yoga Training, including Kripalu, Ashtanga and alignment based Hatha, and then later, Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini, Bhakti & Ashtanga with a Iyengar influence. Since his first introduction to the 8 limbs of yoga River has been sharing his passion and consciousness through spreading the light of Self awareness. River has devoted his life to mankind, spreading the gift of human potential within an expanded consciousness. River connects with his students deeply, radiating inspirational energy in the form of liberation. River is the founder of the YEP Youth Enablement Program, benefiting inner city youth. River has conducted various motivational speaking venues inspiring a River of Change across the Country. We are deeply grateful to have River with us. River's experience as not only a Self MAstery, Yoga teacher, but inner transformational Guru, touching the 

heart of those he comes in contact with intimately. Join River and the rest of Tribal for an amazing transformative  experience of growth & potential.. 💚🦅




Contact: tribalawakening@outlook.com