Tribal's Methods

'I am what I am because of who we all are together'

One body, many parts. (Beings, nature, planet & universe)

Tribal offers internationally accredited registered Yoga Teacher Trainings & Self Mastery, retreats, workshops and classes around the world. Tribal is about creating the ultimate experience of connection for our students. Facilitating growth, healing and awakening your higher vibration of consciousness. Our programs are truly life changing. We facilitate a personal Divine universal connection, honouring ancient sacred truths into our programs. Our vision is to facilitate this change by uniting the needed perception of connection with all reality. we must embrace a living relationship in harmony with everyone, nature and the universe into our practice, Tribals programs give the tools needed to not only Teach Yoga as a Registered Teacher but go beyond to be able to teach from the Higher awareness to nourish inspiration and wake the world. Our teachers truly become part of a connected Earth tribe and we encourage waking up the world to this same honour we all have in these ancient wisdom teachings of connection with nature, beings and the universe. We are a part of nature & each other. Let the healing begin. 🌈🌎




Tribal is sending out the sacred call to all those waking up, seeking tools to inspire the world, to care about our relationship with nature and each other. Many of us know we need to do our part to save the Earth and inspire change. Tribal developed our life changing Yoga Teacher Training & Self Mastery Programs over years of study, to deliver a truly life changing immersion to effectively transform students into a higher awareness, so they can inspire & facilitate growth in their students as well awaken to a higher calling after graduation..


The Tribal Method


Tribal’s proven method utilizes ancient wisdom teachings as a path of facilitation to awakening inner passion and ultimately moving to liberation/ enlightenment. The Tribal Method is grounded in the original meaning of the Sanskrit word "Atha" as “To be here now in the present moment seated in the higher awareness of consciousness".  Tribal maintains that relationship to others, through Jnana Shakti. Movement of the energy of Divine knowledge through the living relationship of Brahmacharya (The ultimate way). This radical idea, when put into practice, as the ultimate path, can dismantle our present culture, moving beyond exploitation, into harmony and connection with all; This practice becomes a new way to improve one’s relationship to the TRUE SELF including all others and thus lead to enlightenment – the dissolution of the sense of separateness, Revealing the realization of the oneness of being one family on earth (Including nature). This ancient wisdom & modern revelation facilitates a shift into lasting inner joy, radical love & ultimately spiritual liberation.  C Tribal Yoga, 2019

Tribal’s 6 Tenets

Our core philosophy is expressed through 6 tenets, which form the foundation of Tribal Yoga. Tribal teacher's embody these tenets, so that they colour all of our teachings in practice, workshops and in life through interactions with others in the Tribal community. The six tenets have a special role, because they are part of the teacher’s  purpose, to facilitate to the students in each class. The 6 Tenets guide the teacher's intentions for class focus. By doing this, students learn not to see asana as disconnected to spiritual study, but instead integration of all of the elements that make up Tribal Yoga into one unified practice/ sadhana. This provides for a unified approach to our vision — facilitate enlightenment through connection to all beings, nature and the universe.

​1. Ahimsa

Radical Self love and love for others. A nonviolent, compassionate lifestyle extending to  animals, nature and all living beings, including ethical vegetarianism and animal compassion.

​2. Bhakti

Acknowledgment that Divine/Self-realization is the goal of all yoga practices; can be expressed through devotional setting of a high intention for the practice.

.3. Dhyana

Meditation: connecting to that eternal unchanging reality within.

​4. Nada

The development of a sound body and mind through deep feeling of connection through resonance using music, spoken word, silence or even the teacher’s voice.

​5. Shastra

Study of the ancient yogic teachings, including Sanskrit chanting.

​6. Jnana Shakti Brahmacharya

Power of knowledge inseparable from the total experience of reality, especially a total or divine reality. The living relationship of the Divine knowledge in Resonation through the Ultimate Path.

Tribal’s vision

Yoga means “to unite”—to know thy Self as one with all that is. Yoga practice is a means to overcome avidya, the ignorance that distorts one’s perception of oneself and others. Using asana as a method to attain Self-realization or enlightenment means exploring the true relationship to to other humans, animals, plants, OURSELF, the planet and all of the Spirit manifesting Reality. What could be more physical than what we eat, where we live and who we vibe with? Tribal actively works towards sharing the Universal message of compassion for all beings & nature in all that we do. Delivering a joyful practice seated in a much greater intention, of which is not forced, but simply delivered as a balanced Yoga class with a Divine living energy of joy attached. 


Fresh and Inspiring

Shanti & River in Handstand variation (Adho Mukha Vrksasana)

Tribal is a spiritual innovator. Not only do they raise the bar for yoga teacher training standards with life changing immersive programs,, but also  by making yoga an accessible tool to into Mukti/ liberation in resonance as a World tribe, find out how Tribal releases the false identity, embracing what is means to be practicing yoga today, stepping onto the path of the ultimate as a Brahmachari. A DIVINE BEING IN UNION WITH LIFE, WHICH IS WHAT YOGA IS REALLY ABOUT.


Bringing the ancient knowledge of yoga into a modern context without “Washing it down.” This is done by exploring the original ancient yogic scriptures, and finding their relevance in the world today.

Can You Feel us yet ?  

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